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“Our only aim and sole objective is to elevate the brand name of BINTAMIM to that level, which defines creating lasting relationship with the customers through our sustained efforts in creating a buying experience which has no parallel in this part of the world. Our confidence to achieve this is because of our dedicated focus in creating internal efficiencies and investing in our human capital for providing lasting value in every transaction.”


Managing Trading activities across Middle East & Africa through brands like LG, SAMSUNG, SONY, PANASONIC, HITACHI, TOSHIBA, SHARP, XBOX, ACER,HP, Nintendo Wii etc.


This business is assuming a lot of criticality because of the explosive growth of the channel both in size and geographical spread. Reaching target customer today is a function of process discipline and meticulous planning.


BINTAMIM understands that this business has become much more strategic than what it used to be in the yesteryears, because of the complexity in managing customer choices. Today we have developed a strong and aggressive sourcing and merchandising team which is able to manage the contemporary features and taste that…

Our Vision “To be the preferred the partner of choice by continuously building our brand capable of delivering its promise in all dimensions to all our stake-holders. And achieving the same- by building leadership at all levels by focussing in process discipline and operational values “.
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